Gas Piping and Distribution Systems

NSF certification ensures your gas pipeline products meet the highest quality requirements and provides gas utilities, code/regulatory officials and consumers with confidence in the quality and safety of your product.

NSF has a long history in the plastics industry. Our experts actively serve on committees — including the Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) Hydrostatic Stress Board, ASTM, ASME and AGA — to promote the long-term quality and safety of plastic pipe for a variety of applications.

NSF provides a comprehensive program to ensure the quality and safety of plastic gas distribution pipe system components. As part of our certification program, products are tested to applicable material standards such as ASTM D3350, required to meet hydrostatic design stress in accordance with the Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI) and evaluated against ISO 13477 or ISO 134780 for rapid crack propagation (RCP).

NSF, the plastic industry’s leading testing and certification organization, demonstrates ongoing compliance with 49 CFR Part 192: Transportation of Natural and Other Gas by Pipeline: Minimum Federal Safety Standards. We also offer unparalleled third-party testing and certification to the most common gas application standards such as:

  • ASTM D2513
  • CSA B137.4
  • ASME B16.40

In the gas distribution industry, safety is the top priority. Our pipe testing and certification program involves rigorous testing, manufacturer facility audits and frequent retesting, yielding the highest quality products on the market.

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