Animal Welfare International Standards

NSF International provides a full suite of animal welfare services including auditing and certification, label claim verification, traceability, chain of custody verification, sustainability and, separately, training and education.
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These services help ensure the health and wellness of farm animals at every stage of life as well as compliance to animal welfare guidelines and retailer requirements. The industries we service include beef, bison, goat, sheep, swine, dairy, meat and egg-laying poultry.

The food industry has become increasingly attuned to consumer and investor expectations. In order to meet these increasing demands for transparency and to proactively respond to emerging animal welfare trends, retailers and processors are requiring that animal handling and care guidelines are defined, implemented and measured. These guidelines are critical to the health and wellness of animals at every step from birth to slaughter.

Animal Welfare

NSF’s innovative and comprehensive suite of animal wellness auditing and certification services is built upon a world-class integrity program, a customer-focused approach, and technical and operational excellence. Our services deliver confidence and brand protection with a local understanding and global reach throughout the global protein supply chain.

NSF International provides certification, supply chain assurance and second- and third-party auditing for many animal welfare standards in the beef, bison, goat, sheep, swine, dairy, poultry and layer (egg) industries including:

Industry Standards

  • U.S.: National Chicken Council (NCC), North American Meat Institute (NAMI) and National Turkey Federation (NTF)
  • Canada: BC Egg Marketing Board, Canadian Mink Breeders Association, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Egg Farmers of Canada, Egg Farmers of Ontario and Turkey Farmers of Canada

Certification Schemes

  • American Humane Association

NSF Standards and Audits

  • Raised Without Antibiotics
  • Global Traceable Down
  • Responsible Wool
  • Animal Welfare for Religious Slaughter: Red Meat Module
  • Animal Welfare for Religious Slaughter: Poultry Module
  • Cattle BSE and Specified Risk Material (SRM)
  • Beef E. coli 0157:h7 (N60)
  • Cross-Species Contamination

In addition, we perform claim verification for animal production as well as supply chain management, client proprietary animal welfare audits, and traceability and chain of custody verification.

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