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The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Global Markets Programme is a comprehensive step-by-step tool that guides small and/or less developed businesses through a continuous improvement process in their food safety management systems.
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This voluntary program is structured as a four-phase approach with the ultimate goal of gaining certification to one of the GFSI-recognized schemes.

Managed by a GFSI technical working group, this program’s foundation is characterized by food safety requirements in the form of a checklist and a protocol to drive the continuous improvement process in food safety management systems.

NSF International, one of the leading accredited GFSI certification bodies, is also an accredited assessment provider for the GFSI Global Markets Programme.

Program Scope

The GFSI Global Markets Programme has four phases:

Phase 1: Self Assessment — Your business carries out a self-assessment against the basic and/or intermediate level checklist to decide your entry level to the program.

Phase 2: Basic Level Checklist — We perform an unaccredited assessment of your business against the basic level checklist. The technical requirements at this level are comprised of 30 percent of the key elements of the GFSI Guidance Document, including food safety systems, good manufacturing/agricultural practices and control of food hazards.

Phase 3: Intermediate Level Checklist — We perform an unaccredited assessment of your business against the intermediate level checklist, which includes the basic level requirements, a further 40 percent of the GFSI Guidance Document elements and the Codex Alimentarius Standard CAC/RCP 1-1969 Rev 4-2003.

Phase 4: GFSI Certification — We perform the accredited certification against one of the GFSI recognized schemes.

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