Beverage Quality Analysis and Testing

NSF provides chemistry, microbiology and engineering testing and toxicology review services for the beverage industry.
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Testing can be performed at NSF’s laboratories in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. Our testing and analysis services can be tailored to suit your needs and range from basic conformity testing to regulations to custom analysis for premium product positioning, e.g. sustainability and the environment.

NSF International’s team of packaging experts offers advice on appropriate packaging choices or techniques (including troubleshooting packaging issues) that will maintain or increase your product’s shelf life. We also offer testing for package integrity, closures, permeation and oxygen indicator technology.

Bottled Water and Natural Mineral Water

NSF's beverage quality certification is the only accredited product certification program that offers testing to three of the world’s most respected bottled water quality standards – European Union, United States and the World Health Organization.

We also perform microbiological, chemical and radiological analyses in accordance with national regulations (including ANVISA and BIS), industry trade association standards and supplier standards.

NSF also provides support to achieve official recognition for natural mineral water in the EU and to meet U.S. state licensing requirements.

Beverages and Soft Drinks

NSF provides a broad range of testing services for the beverage industry, including testing for contamination and shelf life evaluation.

NSF provides toxicology and risk assessment services to evaluate ingredients, materials and products against U.S. and international regulations.

Packaged Ice

We test to specifications of our packaged ice certification program, the International Packaged Ice Association (IPIA) and the European Packaged Ice Association (EPIA).

Packaging Materials

NSF test capabilities include migration, performance and integrity, and testing of resins, preforms and bottles for contaminants such as acetaldehyde, BPA and heavy metals.

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