Beverage and Packaged Ice GMP Registration

NSF International’s beverage quality GMP registration is an independent program to evaluate the consistent implementation of quality standards in the manufacturing process.
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Adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) ensures sustainability, best food safety practices and compliance with regional and international regulations, including HACCP and FSMA requirements. For companies exporting to the U.S., the audit demonstrates compliance to GMPs according to regulatory requirements for the production of bottled water.

The program is designed for manufacturers of bottled water, beverages, packaged ice, ingredients and packaging materials as well as warehousing and distribution companies. This program can also help you select, evaluate and approve your suppliers with confidence.

GMP registration is an independent verification of your quality and food safety system by an accredited certification body. Registered companies are also publicly listed on NSF’s website. In addition, GMP registration:

  • Increases confidence in the preparedness of your facility for regulatory inspections by the United States Food and Drug Administration (U.S. FDA) or other national health authorities
  • Increases your company’s credibility and visibility through the use of the NSF GMP Registered mark on your advertising, literature and promotional materials
  • Supports your company’s quality KPIs
  • Supports the selection and approval of your suppliers
  • Provides independent verification of your efforts for sustainability and environmental protection projects
  • Facilitates compliance with international specifications for export

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