Consumers concerned with ensuring they are purchasing gluten-free products are put at ease with a verification label from a trusted third-party source.
Woman selecting commercially packaged bread at a supermarket

The demand for gluten-free food continues to rise. NSF International’s Consumer Values Verified Program works with manufacturers and retailers to verify their ingredients and products are gluten-free through robust cross-contamination controls, auditing, testing and inspecting. Our certification is compliant to the U.S. FDA’s Gluten-Free Labeling Final Rule and provides you and your shoppers with the power of knowledge. Not only do you gain peace of mind, but you can combine gluten-free certification with your existing food quality and safety programs to save you time and money.

Our gluten-free program provides credible, verified and science-based gluten-free certification with a label consumers can trust. The program demonstrates compliance to FDA gluten-free labeling guidelines and provides additional assurance to consumers through facility inspection and testing.

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