Honey Traceability

NSF provides True Source Honey certification and testing services for honey producers and food, personal care and OTC medication processors and brands to independently verify the origin of honey.
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True Source Honey certification traces the source of honey and verifies it comes from an approved country. This certification program assures consumers that the honey-containing products they buy contain exactly what their labels claim. It also supports the global honey industry by demonstrating compliance to U.S. and international trade laws.

True Source Honey Certification

NSF International offers True Source Honey certification to independently verify the origin traceability of honey and compliance with U.S. and international trade laws. This certification combines stringent third-party audits with active third-party sampling and container shipment oversight to trace honey from bottle to beehive.

True Source Honey certification helps honey producers, importers and brokers voluntarily demonstrate their commitment to responsible honey sourcing and reassures consumers that the country of origin on the label is correct.

Made with True Source Honey Certification

The Made With True Source Honey certification is for food, personal care and OTC drug manufacturers, packagers or retailers using honey as an ingredient in their products. Honey is a natural sweetener that appeals to the health and environmentally conscious consumer and can be found in a range of food products such as breakfast cereal, breads, snacks, spreads, confectionary, sauces and yogurt. Honey is also commonly used in personal care and OTC products like lip balms, lotions, soaps, hair care and cough and cold suppressants.

This certification verifies that 100 percent of the honey used in a product is True Source Honey certified and establishes trust with consumers on the origins and authenticity of your honey containing products. Products seeking certification demonstrate compliance through a document review and facility inspection.

Honey Sampling

NSF provides third-party honey sampling services for importers, brokers and buyers to help ensure the integrity of your product. We use approved sampling protocols such as verifying the location, identity and the size of the lot to be sampled and follow established collecting procedures to ensure the sample’s integrity, accuracy and statistical representation. We ensure the integrity of the sample after collection with proper identification, preventing contamination of the sample, and by using tamper-evident systems. We will also provide a detailed sample collection report so you can be assured of the samples’ chain of custody.

Benefits of Certification

Verifying your honey’s country of origin with True Source certification can help you gain access to new markets. Some of the other benefits of True Source certification include:

  • Product differentiation with the True Source seal
  • Consumer confidence through third-party verification
  • Your customers’ ability to use the “Made With True Source Honey” label claim on packaging and in advertising
  • Brand protection
  • Compliance with honey standards
  • Strengthening of the demand for truthfully sourced honey

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