Green Bonds Verification

Verify your green bond environmental statements and help finance the transition to a low-carbon economy.
Skyscraper and tree - Green Bonds Verification

Green bonds allow channeling investment away from fossil fuel risk and into a more sustainable infrastructure. The call for green bonds is high among investors, but there are not enough green bonds to satisfy this demand.

Labelling a bond “green” generates more investor interest and makes environmentally-friendly projects easier for investors to find and support.

NSF provides independent third-party verification of the environmental statements in green bond official disclosures. NSF is approved by the Climate Bonds Standard to verify green bond issuances in the solar, wind, water, low carbon buildings and low carbon transportation sectors.

NSF can support your companywide strategies, helping build more sustainable brand equity and differentiating your products and services in a marketplace crowded with unsubstantiated claims.

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