Sustainability Reporting and CDP Verification

Verify your climate and sustainability data for transparent reporting to key standards including CDP.
Aerial shot of green mountains - Sustainability Reporting and CDP Verification
CDP Accredited Provider

Improving corporate awareness through measurement and disclosure is essential to the effective management of carbon and resources risk.

Whether you are planning to disclose for the first time or want to verify your existing report, our sustainability professionals provide third-party assurance of your data by validating your report to CDP or other requirements.

CDP offers a platform to report the carbon, forestry and water impact of your organization, including supplier results. Based on governance, strategy and results criteria, CDP grades disclosures from A to F.

NSF is an approved CDP service provider and can provide verification of CDP climate and sustainability data. Verification allows your company to demonstrate leadership in sustainability.

Why Disclose?

Companies disclose data to CDP for three main reasons1:

  • 75% say reporting improves their corporate reputation.
  • 55% say reporting makes them more competitive.
  • 33% say disclosure helps them save money.

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