Setting the Standard With NSF: Utilizing Technology to Train Employees in the Foodservice Industry

NSF EyeSucceed Co-Founder, Jennifer Tong, and Wendy’s Vice President of Quality Assurance, Jorge Hernandez, discuss how technology can transform foodservice operations.

Now more than ever, companies are embracing smart technologies to modernize their workplaces, improve employee training, and maintain product consistency and operational efficiency.

The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened this demand, with virtual capabilities reducing the need for travel and in-person activities. Jennifer Tong, NSF EyeSucceed Co-Founder, sat down with Jorge Hernandez, Vice President of Quality Assurance at The Wendy’s Company, to discuss the increasing use of technology in the foodservice industry and how it enables quick service restaurants to be even more successful.

NSF EyeSucceed is a transformational hands-free training modality that uses smartglass technology paired with proprietary augmented reality (AR) software. NSF EyeSucceed solutions improve employee training, product quality and overall operational efficiency, driving bottom-line improvements.

With NSF EyeSucceed, foodservice employee training is conducted hands-free at the workstation for shorter onboarding and on-the-line accuracy. This method reduces the need for peer-to-peer training while increasing employee engagement and helps create a better-quality product to deliver a stronger guest experience.

NSF EyeSucceed has been tested as a proof-of-concept and implemented on a broader scale across five global markets. The results confirm that NSF EyeSucceed foodservice employee training transforms operations to achieve significant cost savings by reducing time, improving consistency and addressing employee turnover.

NSF EyeSucceed: See What’s Possible

Optimize operational and cost efficiencies with the only smartglass software dedicated to the food industry.
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