ISO 45001/OHSAS 18001

Invest in a culture of occupational health and safety by actively minimising risks to your people.
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Are You Migrating to ISO 45001?

Companies currently certified to OHSAS 18001 have until September 30, 2021 to migrate their certification to ISO 45001.

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More than 370 million accidents occur on the job annually, and more than 2.78 million people die each year due to work-related activities.1

Commit to keeping your workforce safe.

ISO 45001 identifies occupational health exposures and safety hazards to minimise the risk of injury. Independent, third-party certification to ISO 45001 is a legal or contractual requirement for many sectors and industries.

A registered certificate establishes your company's credibility and demonstrates that your processes meet customer and consumer expectations. ISO 45001 replaces OHSAS 18001.

In addition to controlling hazards, this proactive, preventative initiative works with your existing management system to implement forward-thinking safety initiatives. It will help your company:

  • Foster a safe and healthy work environment
  • Minimise workplace-related injuries and illnesses
  • Meet OH&S legal and policy requirements

NSF-ISR is consistently ranked as one of the top accredited registrars for overall customer satisfaction. Whether you're applying for first-time certification, transferring your registration or integrating your management systems, our team of industry experts can help support your organisation throughout the process.

ISO 45001:2018 Migration

OHSAS 18001 will be withdrawn in 2021, with certificates expiring on September 30, 2021. Current OHSAS 18001 clients will need to migrate to ISO 45001 to ensure continuity of their occupational health and safety management programme to protect employee and public health.

Migration Tools and Resources

Transition smoothly from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001. To help understand the new international standard for occupational health and safety, NSF International Strategic Registrations (NSF-ISR) has developed resources to simplify your migration process.

  • If you are a current NSF-ISR client, check the Announcements section of your NSF Connect portal for additional tools.
  • ISO 45001 Migration Process Overview: This clear overview of the migration process includes important upcoming dates and outlines the different migration audit options.
  • Migration Guide: Contains facts about ISO 45001, key changes from OHSAS 18001 and information about how to prepare for the migration.
  • Migration Readiness Tool: Can be re-used throughout your migration process to help identify your organisation’s progress as well as identify opportunities for improvement before undergoing an audit.
  • Webinar: Lessons Learned: Migration to ISO 45001: Provides helpful tips and best practices for organisations going through their migration from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001, or tackling ISO 45001 certification for the first time.
  • ISO 45001 Upgrade Planner and Delta Checklist: Jump start your migration with this document that captures areas of new requirements, changes and updates from the previous version of the standard. Once completed, send it to our expert lead auditor for a half-day minimum desk audit.

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