Food Safety Plans and Hazard Analysis for the Dietary Supplement Industry

Virtual Learning

July 23, 2021

Course Overview

Although dietary supplement manufacturers may be exempt from the preventative controls requirements of 21 CFR 117, raw material suppliers are not and many dietary supplement companies also manufacture products, such as meal replacements that are foods. These companies are not exempt and are required to have a written food safety plan. In this one hour webinar we will highlight the key requirements of 21 CFR 117 subpart C that are required for all raw material suppliers and any manufacturer that makes a product with a Nutrition Facts label. You will learn what a food safety plan is and what you and your raw material suppliers need to do to be compliant with this part of the regulation.
Learning Objectives:
Understand what the components of a Food Safety Plan
Know where to find the new regulations
Know what parts of 21 CFR 117 impact Dietary Supplement Manufacturers and raw material suppliers.
Learn the additional GMP requirements for dietary supplements found in 21 CFR 117 subpart B.

Date: July 23 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM Eastern Time
Cost: $275.00
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