Seafood HACCP Training - December

December 9 – 12, 2020

Everett, Washington, USA

Course Overview

This Seafood HACCP Alliance approved Seafood HACCP training course is a comprehensive three-day course covering all aspects of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) concept as it relates to seafood harvesting, processing, transporting, and distributing.

The Seafood HACCP Alliance protocol is maintained by the Association of Food and Drug Officials (AFDO), which issues certificates for all participants who complete this course.

This course is designed to meet the HACCP training requirements established under Title 21 CFR Part 123.10 of the U.S. FDA mandatory seafood inspection program.

Who Should Attend
Seafood Industry Professionals, Quality Control/Assurance, Importers, Owners/Operators of Seafood Businesses, Managers/Supervisors/Coordinators, Regulators who require an understanding of Seafood HACCP to effectively perform in their role within the seafood industry.

This three-day course is designed to provide the tools and understanding of the Seafood HACCP regulation and the 7 HACCP principles which will empower the participants in the course to identify and control food safety hazards and support a robust food safety culture.

The course begins each day at 8:30am and ends at 5:00pm the first two days and between 12-2pm on the third day.


Brief Course Summary
Standardized National Seafood HACCP Alliance course meets the training requirements of 21 CFR 123.10

Materials include:
 Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point Training Curriculum, 6th Edition, 2017
 FDA Fish and Fishery Products Hazards and Controls Guidance – 4th Edition, 2011

Course Topics:
Introduction to the HACCP Concept
Prerequisite Programs including the FDA Eight Key Sanitation Areas
Preliminary Steps in Developing a HACCP Plan
Seafood Safety Hazards
Hazard Analysis
Identifying Significant Hazards
Preventive Measures
Critical Control Point Determination
Establishing Critical Limits
Identifying Monitoring Procedures
Corrective Actions
Verification and Validation Procedures
FDA Seafood HACCP Regulation