COVID-19 and Strengthening Your Sanitation Practices - Webinar

Virtual Learning

October 13, 2020

Course Overview

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Join NSF International for this two-hour virtual, instructor-led training session (based on current World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control guidance) to find out what food businesses need to be doing to strengthen their sanitation practices and help ensure best practices.

Session Topics:

  1. Cleaning and sanitation refresher
  2. COVID-19 and cleaning, sanitation and disinfection
  • COVID-19: Organism behavior and survival
  • What to clean/sanitize
    • Clean or sanitize or clean and sanitize
  • How to clean
    • Concentration
    • Contact time
    • Coverage
  • How often to clean
  • What to use
  • What to do when someone is diagnosed
  • Cleaning protocols