Fundamentals of Developing Your Environmental Monitoring Program - Virtual

Virtual Learning

November 28 – 29, 2022

Course Overview

All virtual instructor-led training courses are delivered in Eastern Time (ET).

This virtual instructor-led training course is delivered in 3.5 hour sessions on back-to-back training days.

Many foodborne illness outbreaks are tied to equipment or environmental controls and personnel hygiene practices. Do you have a robust risk-based environmental monitoring program (EMP) in place to monitor the ready-to-eat (RTE) environment and reduce contamination risks?

This course covers the fundamentals of designing and implementing an EMP, so that you can identify problem areas and respond to positive results from microbial testing swiftly and effectively.

This course includes a homework assignment between sessions one and two that will take approximately 20 minutes to complete. Please have your completed assignment with you for part two of the training course.

Prerequisite(s): A good understanding of microbial testing requirements in a food manufacturing environment.

This course is also available as an onsite offering. Please email us for a quote.