COVID-19 and Strengthening your Sanitation Practices - Virtual

July 22, 2022

Course Overview

Program Description
All virtual training is delivered in Indian Standard Time (IST).
This virtual, instructor-led training course is delivered in a 4 hour session.
This training series provides a starting point for building and strengthening foundational knowledge for your role of overseeing your organization’s response to COVID-19 or as the COVID-19 Compliance Officer.
COVID-19 is a pandemic of historic proportions. It has caused significant cases of illness and death around the world and has challenged public health professionals to implement the best measures to mitigate or limit the spread of COVID-19.
NSF International's introductory training series: Fundamentals of COVID-19 Pandemic Response, taken in its entirety or as stand-alone learning modules, has been developed to provide a starting point for building and strengthening your foundational knowledge in some of the key areas critical to your role of overseeing your organization's response to COVID-19 or as a COVID-19 Risk Prevention Coordinator: prevention, response planning, and direction of culture change
This training series will help you get started in these three key areas to begin building your foundational knowledge for implementing measures to mitigate or limit the spread of COVID-19 and will benefit the numerous people within the company responsible for any aspect of these activities.
You will receive a Certificate of Satisfactory Completion after passing a knowledge assessment for each module. If you complete all three modules and pass a comprehensive knowledge assessment, you will receive a certificate for the training series.
Who should participate in this course

  • COVID-19 Risk Prevention Coordinator
  • Risk Prevention and Occupational Health
  • Health and safety inspectors
  • Human Resources
  • Operations and facilities managers
  • Personnel charged with overseeing the response to COVID-19 within any organization
  • Personnel within the company are responsible for any aspect of these activities.

Module 1: Identify the transmission mechanism of the virus, Define contagion control measures, Identify COVID-19-related precautions for the workplace
Module 2: Define roles and responsibilities in response planning to COVID-19, Identify risks and mitigation plans, Begin work on your organization's pandemic response plan or improve your existing plan.
Module 3:Understand how to drive the cultural change necessary to manage a successful response to COVID-19, Explain the cycle of habits and the MATH principle related to the development of habits, Link the COVID-19 response plan with the communication plan, Establish appropriate feedback loops to keep your response plan on track
Module 4: Final evaluation

NSF is committed to accommodating the learning requirements of all of our stakeholders. If you require special assistance for any reason, please contact one week prior to your class.

On-Site Training
This course is available as an onsite offering. Please email us at for a quote.