Safer2Eat: Food Handler Training Online

December 31 – October 24, 2021

Virtual - USA

Course Overview

Launching 2021!

Course Duration: This online course takes approximately four hours to complete. You can start, stop and pause at any time, progressing through the course at your own pace.

The Safer2Eat Solution

NSF International’s online, self-paced Safer2Eat training delivers the essential information you need to provide safer food to your consumers or guests, minimize the risks of foodborne illness and limit exposure to food unfit for human consumption.

This food handler training course provides an introduction to the concepts of food safety and safe food handling through interactive and engaging exercises, scenarios and knowledge checks. The training is designed for all personnel in foodservice and retail operations where food is prepared, cooked and handled, and focuses on preventing food contamination by practicing safe food handling and good personal hygiene.