GMP for Clinical Trials Manufacture and Supply

Virtual Learning

November 8 – 11, 2021

Course Overview

This ​highly ​interactive ​three-and-a-half-day ​training ​course ​will ​teach ​you ​all ​you ​need ​to ​know ​about ​international ​GMP ​regulations ​and ​requirements ​for ​the ​manufacture, ​control, ​storage ​and ​distribution ​of ​medicines ​to ​be ​used ​in ​clinical ​trials.

Our ​tutors ​will ​help ​you ​to ​interpret ​the ​legislation ​and ​guidance ​into ​simple ​pragmatic ​ways ​of ​working ​that ​meet ​the ​needs ​of ​the ​regulators. ​ ​They ​will ​also ​help ​to ​answer ​any ​specific ​questions ​you ​may ​have ​regarding ​your ​products ​and ​studies.

This virtual blended training course will be delivered via a combination of an instructor-led virtual classroom and self-paced learning online. This will require an element of learning to be completed prior to the virtual classroom, as well as afterwards and this will be managed through our online Learning Management System. Full details will be sent to you by email following registration. NB: the email will also confirm timings for the instructor-led virtual classroom.

Tutors: Richard Funnell and Kate Krachai

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