Annual Legionella Conference

August 24 – 26, 2021

Course Overview

NSF and National Environmental Health Asssociation's Legionella Conference organizers have rescheduled the annual conference to August 2020 and it will be a virtual event. The theme of this multi-day virtual event will be the Prevention of Disease and Injury from Waterborne Pathogens in health care. It centers on how hospitals, water utilities, health departments, industry and regulators can work together to identify best practices for prevention of disease in hospitals, long-term care centers and skilled nursing homes.
Join the conversation on how we can work toward safer health care facilities. Important topics include:

  • Preventing health care-associated waterborne disease outbreaks
  • Infection prevention in sterile processing
  • Sampling strategies
  • Lessons learned from conducting outbreak investigations (surveillance, reporting and response)
  • Reducing energy and water demand
  • Design, commissioning, construction and renovations
  • Regulatory frameworks for managing waterborne disease risks in building water systems
  • State and local inspection of water systems
  • Updates on federal, state and local legislation and regulations

The conference will include panel discussions, technical workshops, case study reviews and new technology reviews.