U.S. FDA Dietary Supplement Nutrition and Ingredient Labeling – Virtual

Virtual Learning

March 11, 2022

Course Overview

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The FDA modernized Dietary Supplement Facts label reflects a wide range of influential factors, including scientific advances in human nutrition, in-depth research of consumer reading, use and understanding of the label information, and the FDA’s evolving nutrition policy. The Supplement Facts label now provides consumers with dietary ingredient and nutrition information that is both easier to understand and more accurate.

Join us for this on-hands session as we delve into the FDA’s Supplement Facts label to develop the know-how skills that ensure compliance, including:

  • Mandatory nutrient (b2 dietary ingredients) declarations
  • Revised recommended dietary intakes and daily reference values, including new values for children 1 to 3 years of age
  • The FDA’s definitions of dietary fiber and added sugars
  • Metric units of measure and rounding rules
  • The impact of added folic acid on a folate declaration
  • And more!

Prerequisite(s): Experience and working knowledge of Nutrition Facts label requirements and/or previous attendance at NSF’s webinar Modernized Nutrition Facts Label for Packaged Foods in the U.S. or U.S. FDA Nutrition Facts Label for Packaged Foods in the U.S.