QP Alumni

Virtual Learning

November 2, 2020

Course Overview

The ​QP ​Alumni ​is ​a ​not-for-profit ​body ​run ​by ​past ​delegates ​for ​the ​benefit ​of ​QPs, ​to ​provide ​Continuing ​Professional ​Development ​and ​a ​forum ​for ​discussion ​and ​exchange ​of ​ideas. ​It ​is ​only ​open ​to ​those ​delegates ​who ​have ​completed ​four ​or ​more ​of ​our ​QP ​Modules. ​

This year the QP Alumni will be run slightly differently and we will be offering a 3-4 hour session on the afternoon of the 2nd November. The agenda will include a Regulatory update via Pete Gough, MHRA presentation with Lewis Corbett followed by Q&A.

The delivery platform will be Zoom and payment will be a donation of £50 to a chosen charity.