John Johnson FRSC, CChem, MIQA

Vice President, Pharmaceutical Services

John Johnson is passionate about helping organisations foresee and overcome the barriers to sustainable long-term growth. He brings 28 years’ experience across a range of companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. He has worked in small, medium and large pharma biotech companies across the product lifecycle for a wide range of dosage forms. He has senior operational and corporate-level experience in operations and quality assurance and has led multinational companies in strategic projects associated with:

  • Inspection readiness and remediation (in UK, Italy, France, Australia, Singapore, India and USA)
  • Crisis management including handling of regulatory authority actions, multinational recall and import bans
  • Major culture change to improve customer service, quality, cost or “on time in full”
  • Installation, monitoring and periodic effectiveness checks on site or company quality management systems
  • Paradigm shifts including downsizing, upsizing, mergers and acquisitions
  • QP development, training, mentoring and resource management
  • Lean projects in QC laboratories and OSD facilities
  • Management review and escalation processes from shop floor to boardroom level

Mr. Johnson has used research with subject matter experts from Toyota and Tata to help firms streamline and simplify complex processes and procedures to reduce cost, rework, rejects and human error. By working with a range of companies across a variety of cultures, dosage forms, business plans and geographies, he has acquired a style that has a proven methodology yet is easily tailored to suit the particular need.

A QP since 1995 and a QP Assessor since 2005, he has been a sponsor and mentor for QPs, some of whom are QA department leaders. As a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, he is laser focused on the value that good analytics bring to batch dispositioning decisions and has a particular expertise in data-based, quality risk management.

Utilising a range of development tools and techniques, Mr. Johnson has been responsible for developing quality and operational teams to be aligned and engaged with the company’s strategy so that the team’s combined output is driven by a performance culture that is self-governing yet capable of constant re-analysis and refreshment. He has also written articles for a variety of pharma publications.