Import Supplier Certification (ISC)

NSF's import supplier certification programme certifies supplier compliance to U.S. food safety regulations under the FDA’s Third-Party Accredited Certification programme.
Auditor checking containers from cargo freight ship - Import Supplier Certification | NSF

Certification to an FDA-recognised third-party certification programme is required for products imported under the FDA Voluntary Qualified Importer Programme (VQIP), which provides importers with expedited entry of product into the USA.

NSF's import supplier certification programme provides peace of mind for suppliers and their importing customers that their products will sail through customs when they enrol in the VQIP.

NSF's import supplier certification does double duty by also reducing the number of customer audits you may experience. It is accepted by the FDA as an appropriate supplier verification activity for FSMA supply chain programme and FSVP requirements. FSVP importers can use this certification to verify supplier compliance with FDA regulations. Suppliers gain competitive advantage with this programme that provides confidence in FDA FSMA regulatory compliance.

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