Celebrating 80 Years of Improving Human and Planet Health

A vision shared by three people dedicated to improving our quality of life has grown over 80 years into a global organisation that has a profound impact on our daily lives.
Walter F Snyder talking to two other business men in the 1950s - Celebrating 80 Years of Improving Human and Planet Health | NSF

While working in a grocery store in Ohio, NSF founder Walter F Snyder saw a need for consistent sanitation and safety standards and decided to take action. While attending the University of Michigan’s newly formed School of Public Health, Snyder formed NSF with Dean, Henry Vaughan and Profession Nathan Sinai. Together, they formed NSF, a non-profit organisation dedicated to scientific research and collaboration on vital public and environmental health issues.

NSF employee from the 1950s shown recording lab testing results -Celebrating 80 Years of Improving Human and Planet Health | NSF

The NSF Commitment

In 1952, their efforts resulted in the first NSF standards for food service equipment, and over the following decades, NSF has become an established and leading industry voice, instrumental in developing and implementing standards of best practise, backed by deep scientific expertise and testing capabilities. Today, NSF Standards and our NSF Certification Mark are our pledge of assurance, instilling confidence in quality and safety for consumers, retailers, and regulators for food, water, and life-enhancing health products and technologies.

NSF employee wearing NSF EyeSucceed glasses during a demonstration - Celebrating 80 Years of Improving Human and Planet Health | NSF

World-Class Talent

Our mission is carried out by thousands of team members across the globe, including world-class scientists, engineers, and environmental and public health experts. Thanks to NSF’s mission, supportive global community and inclusive culture, team members get to make their mark, on the organisation and on human and planet health. Join us to be a part of this worthy cause.

NSF employee using lab equipment in an NSF laboratory - Celebrating 80 Years of Improving Human and Planet Health | NSF

Our Mission in Action

With its 80 years of experience and commitment to thorough testing in our state-of-the-art laboratories and auditing expertise, along with certification, training, and consulting services, NSF ensures that the food we eat is safe, the water we drink is clean, and the health products we use meet the highest quality and safety criteria.

Black woman smiling while carrying a box wooden crate through a greenhouse tunnel - Celebrating 80 Years of Improving Human and Planet Health | NSF

ESG and Sustainability

Our focus on enabling safe and sustainable food, clean water, and health products for all directly supports the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition to the public safety and sustainability work we do with regulators, manufacturers, retailers, and consumers, we “walk the talk” when it comes to ESG.

Two people in a server room reviewing information on a laptop and tablet - Celebrating 80 Years of Improving Human and Planet Health | NSF

Innovation is in our DNA

NSF’s innovative spirit and adaptability continue to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges, staying one step ahead of emerging risks. We’re focused on delivering safe and sustainable food, clean water, and life-enhancing health products now, and in the future. NSF digital solutions empower businesses to manage supplier data, audits, ingredients, and specifications, and to allow access to critical information when it’s needed the most. They enable clients to build an information security framework or raise quality standards with wearable and handheld technology.

Join our Journey

NSF has an unwavering belief in the power of science and collaboration to advance public health and protect the planet we call home.

Our story has just begun. Join us on our journey towards a safe and sustainable future for all.