Specification Management

Reduce the risk of product recalls and allergen incidents with improved visibility and control.

By digitalising every version of your recipe, formulation or specification, you’ll minimise manual data entry and have all your specification data in one place.

TraQtion automatically calculates product, nutrition and allergen specifications and declarations. And if substitute ingredients are used, the system will recalculate the values for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Streamline supplier approval
    Suppliers can log into an online portal to build product specifications digitally. A built-in workflow automates the specification approval process.
  • Improve digital record keeping and document control
    Create version-stamped digital material records that include nutrition, formulation, allergen and certification information. Records can be archived to maintain FSMA compliance and validate label claims.
  • Increase accuracy of labels and packaging
    Automated pack copy creation improves data accuracy, as specifications and approvals are managed collaboratively. Pair this with the artwork management module to increase speed to market.
  • Recover faster from recalls and supply chain disruption
    Easily search for impacted items, suppliers and ingredients during recall recovery and supply chain disruption.
  • Simplify formulation development
    Minimise manual data entry. Let the system automatically calculate product, nutrition and allergen specifications and declarations.
  • Enable data-driven decision-making
    Source-to-site transparency enables you to identify the exact item of any product from global sources. Data is searchable and interconnected throughout the system.

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