Chiara: Inspired by Purpose

Meet Chiara, Packaging and Label Consultant, based in Belgium. Read what she says inspires her to make a difference.

"It’s important to me that I help people be healthy. Health is everything."

I advise large food brands on proper food labeling, which involves checking all mandatory legislation, including EU and national regulations.

For example, if a company calls a yogurt “strawberry yogurt,” I check to see if it contains strawberries. If it doesn’t, I inform the client that they must label the yogurt as “strawberry-flavored yogurt.” To be labeled “yogurt,” the product must have a live culture in it. If it doesn’t, it's not yogurt and cannot be labeled as such. A label cannot be misleading.

If a consumer has food allergies, they need to know exactly what allergens are in their food. All allergens must be highlighted on the packaging so people know what to avoid.

My job lets me work with people from all over NSF, mostly in Belgium, but also in France, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. I’m a Dutch speaker and love working in a multilingual workplace where I get to use my language skills. I also like working with colleagues all over the world who adapt and translate our customers' labels to be compliant with local regulations.

Our clients often thank us for turning work around on short notice. We always try to prioritize things that are urgent for them — we are very flexible. Clients say my team and I are on top of everything.

They say NSF is efficient and to the point, and that we provide the highest-quality advice. We abide by the highest ethics and treat our clients well.

The most memorable moment? A large client, one I’d worked with alone for two years, accepted NSF’s proposal for a much bigger project based on my work. This client was so satisfied with the relationship I had built with them and the strength of my work that they selected NSF for a project needing labeling in many more languages in multiple countries.

Every day I gain the confidence to grow and take on new challenges. Whenever a new regulation comes out, I learn something new. I have the opportunity to learn not only for my professional growth, but also for my personal growth. I’ve come to make healthier food choices.

And I get to contribute something useful to humankind.

Chiara working with her colleague Clara

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