Eric: Inspired by Purpose

Meet Eric, Account Manager and Auditor, based in South Korea. Read what he says inspires him to make a difference.

"I love my job because I contribute to the welfare and safety of the public."

My goal in life is to make people around me happy, so I was attracted to this job because of that. My job helps keep food and therefore people safe, not just in Korea but all around the world.

I visit restaurants all over Korea on behalf of major brands to ensure food safety is up to standard. NSF audits are very detailed. As an auditor, I check a restaurant’s overall workflow and facilities — from the restroom, to the dining area, to all their kitchen appliances. I collect and analyze the overall audit data and inform brands to help them prevent accidents. This helps clients not only improve food safety, but also maintain their brand reputation.

When I first came to NSF, I was sent to audit a restaurant. During the visit I observed that the dishwasher had broken down and was unable to rinse the smallware. The dishes soaked in chemicals were being served to customers.

I reported this to the restaurant manager, who was deeply grateful to me for catching the problem. He agreed it was a dangerous situation that should be rectified immediately. Since then, he’s been very cooperative with the auditors’ visits and given us very positive feedback.

I love using my knowledge and experience to coach and improve others, which helps them ensure food safety. No matter how much expertise you have, the ability to listen and communicate effectively is very important. My clients love it when I explain things they didn’t know and help them improve.

The most memorable moment so far? I was a food safety instructor for a pizza brand sold all over the world. It was such an interesting experience to see their current working culture and find ways to strengthen food safety in their business. I got to work with many people from around the world, and I got to improve the safety of pizza globally.

My parents enshrined a sense of duty in me as a child. They raised me to be honest, be kind and make a positive contribution to society. Working for NSF, I contribute to the public good through my day-to-day work. I never imagined I would have a job like this as a child.

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