Yana: Inspired by Purpose

Meet Yana, Senior Food Safety and Regulatory Consultant, based in Bulgaria. Read what she says inspires her to make a difference.

“All my clients tell me that NSF is really reliable. This says everything.”

I help our clients all around the world align with current legislation, from their packaging to their products. For example, if a client wants to import their goods to Europe, they need to comply with European food legislation. My team reviews their ingredients, their packaging, materials, artwork — everything to ensure their product can be freely marketed in Europe.

We have a global reach and I love working with clients from the USA to China. On any one project, I’m managing around 20 subcontractors and I’m in contact with NSF offices all around the world. It was challenging at the beginning, but when I meet my colleagues and other people in other countries, it’s nice.

The most important thing for our clients, in addition to quality, is the timing. Just before Christmas 2021, my team reduced the turnaround time on a project by more than 20%. My client appreciated it.

When clients relate to our services, our advice, everything is OK. We are reliable when it comes to quality, timing, everything.

And it’s important to me that my clients feel satisfied, and not only about the price and timing. They need to feel well-supported each and every time they work with me. I really like to help people. The most enjoyable part of my job is when a client says, “Thank You.”

I feel great when I understand my client’s needs clearly and can explain exactly what they need. I love the feeling of delivering a job on time when we finalize a project. My team delivered 98% of its projects to deadline last year, which is a great KPI.

We achieve our goals through great teamwork. At NSF, we are all together. We find solutions to challenges together. I’m in contact with my manager every day and communication is constant. In our business you need to have answers quickly.

Working for NSF gives me the opportunity to learn every day and to improve my knowledge. I’m able to not only work with my colleagues, but to learn from them too. When you’re open and knowledgeable, you can better help clients.

We demand the highest ethics and integrity. That’s the most important thing for me about NSF.

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