Italian Certifications and Approvals

Test, certify or register your pipes and plumbing devices in accordance with Italian regulations and programmes, including Origin and Quality Control (OQC).

Test, certify or register your pipes and mechanical plumbing devices (including taps, valves, pipes, pumps, flexible connectors, etc.) in accordance with Italian regulations and programs, including Origin and Quality Control (OQC).

NSF offers testing, certification and registration services for the OQC registration scheme. Registration with OQC distinguishes quality products made in Italy through continuous verification and regular inspection.

As the third-party administrator of OQC, NSF verifies that all products comply with OQC guidelines. In addition to performing annual audits of your manufacturing facilities, we review quality, material safety and performance documentation.

We require validated third-party test reports to demonstrate your compliance with material safety and mechanical performance quality requirements (such as NSF/ANSI/CAN 61, NSF REG4, ACS or other international certifications). We also require proof that your products are made in Italy, according to our scheme.

The OQC product registration programme includes but is not limited to the following product categories:

  • Mechanical devices used in water distribution and drinking water treatment
  • Sanitary products, such as taps, flexible connectors, shower heads, etc.
  • Pipes and related products

Products that comply with these standards bear the OQC registration mark. Recognised around the world, the OQC mark shows that the products are made in Italy and meet the applicable sanitation, performance and quality requirements.

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