Augmented Reality With Corrective Intelligence

First-of-its-kind artificial intelligence recognizes mistakes and instantly alerts the user to eliminate human error.

Imagine a technology that can monitor a foodservice employee following step-by-step instructions to complete a task in real time. That can show the employee the correct procedure any time they deviate from the expected process. And that also logs these action points in a database to drive business analytics and process improvements.

Welcome to the World of Augmented Reality Plus Corrective Intelligence

Smartglasses with NSF EyeSucceed, powered by TeamViewer, can help eliminate human error. This technology is transforming food and workplace logistics, and it holds the key to reducing labor costs and optimizing operational execution throughout the industry.

Proper food handling procedures and quality verification can be conducted by self-guided employees using smartglasses that automatically extract key data like temperatures from food equipment. Commercial food waste can be significantly reduced, and companies can accurately measure employees’ retention of training content.

This technology can optimize your global workforce, enhance product quality and customer satisfaction, and improve food handling.

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Smartglass Solutions for the Food Industry

NSF EyeSucceed software and Glass Enterprise Edition 2 wearable technology help the food industry adapt, evolve and thrive.
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