Labs and Testing

Our accredited laboratories, staffed by experts in engineering, chemistry, microbiology, and toxicology, ensure trustworthy testing. Fueled by rigorous scientific principles, we provide swift and precise services. Collaborating with key industries, we prioritize compliance, innovation, and the protection of both human and planetary health.

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Biosafety and Luminaire Testing and Certification
Testing and certification to validate the design, construction and performance of products used in controlled environments.
California Proposition 65 Support
Comprehensive testing, assessment and reporting services to help you comply, reduce risk and protect people from harmful exposure to chemicals.
Microbiology Lab
NSF’s microbiology labs are globally recognized for their expertise and commitment to advancing the science of microbiology.
NSF Chemistry Lab
From water to food, cosmetics, dietary supplements and more, our cutting-edge chemistry labs offer organic and inorganic analyses with a specialization in trace analytical testing giving confidence in purity and content.
NSF Engineering Lab
Internationally recognized expertise in testing, engineering and standards our engineering labs support your compliance and market access requirements for, water, drainage and other products used in the built environment.
Plastic and Plumbing Testing and R&D Lab Services
NSF provides testing and R&D lab services for the global plastics pipes and materials for water, gas and other applications and plumbing industries. We help manufacturers develop more robust and safer products and help reduce time to market.
Toxicology and Risk Assessment
Rigorous toxicology assessment services to evaluate everyday products, identify risks and protect people and the environment from harmful chemicals and substances.
Bioanalytical Research
Bioanalytical research services to help accelerate your innovation for those working at the cutting edge of clinical research.

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