Food Safety Gap Assessment

Understand the Gaps in your Food Safety Management System

Gain the Expert Insight You Need To Successfully Plan the Path Forward

Are you looking to implement a new food safety standard? Do you need to better understand how your current food safety management system (FSMS) is performing, and how it could be improved? Or are you planning to upgrade to the revised version of a standard?

What’s important is that you know where you are today – so that you can plan to successfully deliver the right management system for tomorrow.

Having an expert review will give you actionable insight on:

  • Program prerequisites and their requirements
  • Performance and improvements to GMP, FSMA and GFSI standards
  • Gap analysis – understand the current situation and know where to focus
  • Successful planning for a management systems implementation

If you’re an importer, supplier or food safety professional, a review will mean you’re prepared for your next food safety project and be fully compliant with U.S. FDA and other relevant regulations.

What’s the Solution?

Advisory services and a Gap Assessment from the experts at NSF can cover a range of topics including:

  • Review your documentation, facility layout, equipment, people and product flow and environment
  • Conduct a mock audit to your standard of choice
  • Identify problem areas and nonconformances
  • Assess readiness for a formal 3rd Party or FDA Audit
  • Recommend solutions for corrective and preventive actions
  • Discuss improvement opportunities
  • Provide a written report of all findings and recommendations

Our team of highly qualified consultants work with food businesses around the world, offering specialist advice to drive improvement, deliver compliance, and to manage risks to human and planet health.

Our consulting expertise can make a difference in your food safety program because we are there for you every step of the way, from program prerequisites through post-implementation.

With support from the experts at NSF, you’ll ensure you and your supply chain are complying with the latest regulations and operating to industry best practices.

Quality and Compliance Software

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