10 Reasons to Apply for NSF REG4 Certification for UK Water Fittings

NSF REG4 certification is an alternative way for plumbing product manufacturers and materials suppliers to conform with UK regulations in a seamless, easy-to-manage process.

The NSF REG4 certification scheme for the UK market allows plumbing products and materials to show compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. This certification was developed by NSF as a way for plumbing product manufacturers and materials suppliers to conform with UK regulations in a seamless, easy-to-manage process.

Going through the certification process also helps you advance your entire supply chain and business to a higher level.

So, what makes this certification scheme unique and better than other options on the market? Here are the 10 main reasons to consider NSF REG4:

  • Dedicated account manager who keeps you in the loop

    You will be assigned a dedicated account manager the day you start the process with NSF. They will be your single point of contact for all your needs, providing ongoing status updates and letting you know next steps, so you can focus on your other strategic priorities. You never have wonder about project status and can spend less time on administration in this one-stop-shop experience.
  • Transparency and full control

    NSF is the sole certification body for NSF REG4 and has an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory in Wales, which specializes in testing water fittings. Not being dependent on any other organization for approval or certification, NSF can provide you with full transparency, so you have full visibility into the certification process.
  • Faster turnaround times, faster to market

    Every day you wait for an approval or certification is lost revenue. Your NSF account manager is fully aware of your business needs and will meet the deadlines to get your product on the UK market.
  • No restricted application dates

    Unlike other certification or approval paths, NSF REG4 has no application timeframes or cut-off dates. You can submit your application anytime during the year, month or week. This allows working on your own schedule and not losing any days of revenue while waiting.
  • Instant listing

    Once you are certified, it takes mere hours for your product to appear in NSF’s online listings. Within 24 hours, you can prove that your product is certified and start promoting and selling it.
  • Consistency - No unpredictable scheme changes

    NSF REG4 certification was developed based on 30 years of expertise in the UK market and to provide the market with a better and more robust solution. NSF REG4 certification is a UKAS accredited scheme and it will only be updated based on sector needs. In fact, we are organizing an annual industry forum to gather your feedback and ideas to keep it up to date. You will not be challenged by unpredictable changes in the certification and will have a smooth/stable process.
  • Full supply chain traceability and guaranteed material and end-product quality

    NSF REG4 certification can also provide traceability of your entire supply chain. By requesting your suppliers to be NSF REG4 certified, you ensure that a third-party will be auditing your suppliers and monitoring the quality of the materials you’re using. You can proudly demonstrate your certification when you need to show that your products meet regulatory or quality requirements.
  • Continuous certification without interruption

    There will be no expiry date or interruptions in your certification. Your account manager will contact you to complete the necessary documentation, testing and/or auditing every year, so your certification will continue seamlessly.
  • Advantages applying for other NSF or regional certifications

    As your single point of contact, your account manager knows your company and certification requirements, and can help you bundle audits with any other NSF or regional certifications.
  • The only UKAS accredited certification scheme for water fittings

    We are ISO 17065 accredited by UKAS to certify to the NSF REG4 scheme. ISO 17065 contains requirements for the competence, consistent operation and impartiality of certification bodies like us.

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