ANSI/UL 197 Readiness Tool

This tool will give you better insight into how ready you are to enter the certification process for ANSI/UL 197 with NSF.

Are you interested in getting your product certified to ANSI/UL 197: Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances? Within the United States, the National Electrical Code requires electrical equipment to be certified by an OSHA-approved NRTL

To make this process easier to understand, we’ve created an ANSI/UL 197 Readiness Tool. The tool asks a series of questions about your product that will give you insight into your potential readiness to enter this certification process with NSF (an OSHA-approved NRTL).

Disclaimer: Please note that the readiness percentage provided is a general estimate for informational purposes only and does not provide a guarantee or grant any type of certification. Your score does not affect future applications. Contact our team at with any questions.

Electrical Safety Certification

Ensure that your products meet the United States NRTL certification requirements of OSHA and the Canadian Electric Code requirements of the SCC.
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