REG4: Now Is the Time to Rethink Your UK Water Fittings Certification

Learn more about the UK water fittings certification process with NSF’s webinar “REG4: Now Is the Time to Rethink Your UK Water Fittings Certification.”

Water regulations are vital for protecting public health, safeguarding water supplies and promoting the efficient use of water. In the UK, all products and materials used in drinking water installations need to demonstrate compliance with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and equivalent legislation in Scotland and Northern Ireland. But how much do businesses and suppliers really know about these legal requirements?

For plumbers, builders and those in the construction industry, there are huge consequences for using noncompliant products, including increased risk of product failure and even potential consumer protection law infringements. It is essential that these businesses are able to trust suppliers to provide certified products that adhere to legal regulations. Products that have been certified are recognised by a stamp of approval on the product, documentation and packaging or a directory listing. In order for products to achieve this standard, they must be tested under a compliant approval scheme.

Expert speakers from across the industry, representing NSF, BEAMA and the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, discuss common misconceptions and the various routes that enable water supply products to be brought to market more rapidly while adhering to all UK water fittings regulations and bylaws.

The discussion covers:

  • Why certifications are important to ensure the safety of the UK’s drinking water
  • How businesses/suppliers can make sure they are compliant with Regulation 4 certification
  • What the current certification process is and alternatives that are available

Expert speakers:

  • Christian Kurdy: Managing Director, EMEA Water - NSF
  • Simon Warburton: Certification Manager - NSF
  • Kevin Ray: H&V Portfolio Manager - BEAMA
  • Tom Reynolds: Chief Executive - Bathroom Manufacturers Association

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