Plumbing Fixtures, Fittings and Components

Work with NSF to ensure product acceptance and plumbing code compliance in all North American markets.

NSF provides a streamlined process for manufacturers wishing to sell plumbing fixtures, fittings and components in North American markets.

We help your organization meet all required testing protocols and certify your products to the standards outlined in major North American plumbing codes, including:

  • International Plumbing Code (IPC)
  • Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC)
  • National Standard Plumbing Code (NSPC)
  • National Plumbing Code of Canada (NPC)

We also offer code listings to the IPC and UPC and are approved as a listing agency in all plumbing codes.

We test and certify plumbing fixtures to the most highly referenced product standards, including those published by NSF/ANSI, WaterSense, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and ASSE International.

Kitchen and Lavatory Products

NSF’s comprehensive testing and certification services help ensure that your kitchen and lavatory products comply with all required performance standards and plumbing codes in your markets:

  • Faucets and faucet accessories
  • Pre-rinse spray valves
  • Commercial kitchen faucets
  • Bath and shower sets
  • Thermostatic mixing valves
  • Plumbing waste fittings

We offer testing and certification services for the following standards:

  • ASME A112.18.1/CSA B125.1: Plumbing Supply Fittings
  • ASME A112.18.6/CSA B125.6: Flexible Water Connectors
  • ASSE 1016/ASME A112.1016/CSA B125: Performance Requirements for Automatic Compensating Valves for Individual Showers
  • WaterSense water efficiency standards
  • California Energy Commission Title 20 (CEC) water efficiency requirements in California

Plumbing Fixtures and RV Products

Gain product acceptance for plumbing fixtures, including sinks, toilets, tubs, showers and RV waste holding tanks.

NSF tests and certifies these products to the following standards:

  • NSF/ANSI 24: Plumbing System Components for Recreational Vehicles
  • ASME A112.19.3/CSA B45.4: Stainless Steel Plumbing Fixtures
  • ASME A112.19.2/CSA B45.1: Ceramic Plumbing Fixtures
  • IAPMO Z124/CSA B45.5: Plastic Plumbing and Fiberglass Fixtures
  • ASME A112.3.4/CSA B45.9: Plumbing Fixtures With Pumped Waste and Macerating Toilet Systems
  • WaterSense water efficiency standards

Plumbing Components

Whether you manufacture plumbing components or major appliances, test and certify your plumbing components to meet health and safety requirements and the highest industry standards in North America for:

  • Thermostatic, tempering, pressure-reducing and air admittance valves
  • Backflow preventers
  • Hammer arrestors
  • Push-fit and press fittings

Selling or Distributing Outside of North America?

We offer global certification and testing services for water treatment systems and products.
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