Pool and Spa Chemicals Certification

Evaluate the risk and potential toxicity of your pool chemicals by certifying them to the highest standard in the industry, NSF/ANSI/CAN 50.

As a world leader in testing and certification for recreational water products, NSF was the first to publish an American National Standard to address the health effects of pool and spa treatment chemicals.

Our experts can help your business obtain NSF/ANSI/CAN 50 certification of your chemicals to meet the product acceptance criteria in the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) and many state and local pool codes.

Navigating MAHC Chemical Requirements

Explore the MAHC requirements for treatment chemicals in this video.

Certify Your Pool Chemicals to NSF/ANSI/CAN 50

NSF/ANSI 50 Annex R addresses the risk and potential health effects of pool and spa chemicals including evaluation criteria for the oral, inhalation and dermal routes of exposure to chemicals based on the U.S. EPA Swimmer Exposure Assessment Model (SWIMODEL).

The standard provides testing criteria for trace contaminants in chemicals used to treat the circulation systems of swimming pools, spas and water parks.

Certify Pool and Spa Equipment

Test and certify your pool and spa equipment and chemicals to ensure product quality and compliance with health and safety regulations.
Pool and Spa Equipment

Sell Your Chemicals into the Drinking Water Market

Certify your chemicals for the drinking water market. We’re here to help you meet regulatory requirements around the world.
Drinking Water Treatment Chemicals Certification

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