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TraQtion is a cloud-based quality and compliance software that helps retailers, restaurants and manufacturers to proactively manage their supply chain, sites and product quality all in one place.

Formerly known as Aspirago, TraQtion was developed by NSF to help our customers maintain a higher level of food safety and quality compliance and is now available to all companies looking to make smart decisions based on timely, insightful information.

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With TraQtion’s modular offering, you have a custom solution to fit your processes and business goals by choosing only the modules you need now, but with peace of mind that you can activate any other module when you are ready. Our modules include supply chain, specifications, complaints, corrective actions, audits, questionnaires, documents and many more. Visit the TraQtion website for a full list of features.

TraQtion also integrates with NSF’s food safety services, forming a powerful global managed solution to help protect your brand.