Hygienic Design Support Services

Providing confidence that commercial food service equipment has been designed with food safety in mind, from concept to final design and production.

What Is Hygienic Design, and Why Is It Important?

Hygienic design is the principle of designing food equipment to maintain food safety principles.

It is important to give suppliers and consumers confidence that the equipment they use to prepare, store and serve food does not put their health and safety at risk.

That’s why, for those involved in developing or designing commercial food equipment, it’s best to consider hygienic design principles from the start. It can save time and money, and it can also help manage risk.

Our Hygienic Design Support service is designed to address this.

About Hygienic Design Support

NSF Hygienic Design Support is available for anyone involved in developing or designing commercial food equipment. It may also be helpful if you are a consultant working on behalf of another organisation.

Suitable for all kinds of commercial equipment, from fryers, mixers and chillers to the latest robotic technology, the service is designed to help you put food safety first. This service has been designed for organisations based in and placing their products on the market in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. If you are placing your product on the market in North America, please take a look at our Food Equipment Pre-Evaluation services.

If you are new to the principles of hygienic design or to food safety, NSF can help as well.

Services We Offer

No matter where you are in your product development journey, from the concept phase right through to manufacturing, we can work with you. Our services include:

  • Generic workshops on the principles of hygienic design
  • CAD drawing reviews
  • Prototype reviews
  • Design feedback throughout the entire design and production cycle of your equipment

Why Choose NSF for Hygienic Design Support

Our industry experience is deep and second to none. We’ve been in the food equipment certification business for nearly 80 years, and the world’s first certification standards for food equipment sanitation started with NSF.

Our standards have been written to address the hygienic design principles of equipment both old and new. They are “living documents,” continually updated to reflect today’s landscape. And we work with industry stakeholders, regulators and manufacturers to help ensure that our standards remain relevant.

Our expertise covers every type of equipment on the market, including your latest innovations.

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