NSF Celebrates Double Victory at 2023 SOFHT Awards

NSF auditors win coveted SOFHT 2023 Best Auditor and Rising Star awards.

Oxford, UK – NSF, the leading global public health and safety organization, celebrates major wins at the prestigious Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) Awards, securing both “Best Auditor” for Leon Ford, Senior Food Supply Chain Auditor and the “Rising Star” award for Dominika Sawicka-Harris, Food Service and Hospitality Audit Manager.

In a resounding recognition of excellence, Leon Ford, Senior Auditor at NSF, clinched the coveted title of “Best Auditor.” Leon’s commitment to upholding the highest standards in food safety and hygiene has set a benchmark for the industry and reaffirmed NSF’s dedication to ensuring the safety of the global food supply chain.

Adding to the celebration, Dominica Sawicka-Harris was honored with the “Rising Star” award at the SOFHT ceremony. This acknowledgment underscores Dominica’s outstanding contributions and promising future both within NSF and the field of food safety.

“We are immensely proud of Leon and Dominika for their well-deserved victories at the 2023 SOFTH Awards. Their dedication to excellence mirrors NSF’s commitment to safeguarding public health through rigorous standards and continuous improvement,” said Roger Mann, Managing Director EMEA Food Division at NSF. “Their achievements underscore NSF’s mission to protect human and planet health, setting a benchmark for excellence in the industry,” continued Roger.

For the last 19 years, the annual SOFHT awards have celebrated excellence within the food industry and its associated industries. An experienced panel of food industry professionals judges these awards that recognize innovation, dedication, and the significant contributions of individuals, products, and companies to the British food industry.

Chris Turner, Chair of the SOFHT judging panel, said: “Auditing provides vital assurances of the highest operating standards within the food supply chain. The Best Auditor category highlights the auditor from any discipline who has demonstrated continued excellence in their field of operation in terms of knowledge, objectivity and pragmatism, as well as ongoing performance. This year, the judges found the quality of entries very high and auditing against BRCGS across various categories, and his input on the draft guidance for BRCGS Storage & Distribution Auditing Techniques led the judges to recognize Leon as the winner in this category.”

On Dominika’s win, Chris said: “This Rising Star Award, a person that has demonstrated commitment, enthusiasm and potential for the future. The standard and quality of these rising stars were incredible again this year, and the client testimonials from a number of major companies in the food industry were outstanding and convinced the judges to recognize Dominika as a rising star in the industry.”

As NSF continues to lead in food safety and hygiene, these awards reinforce the organization’s position as an industry trailblazer and reflect NSF’s dedication to fostering talent, innovation and maintaining the highest standards in public health and safety.

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