Regional Certification and Approvals

NSF helps manufacturers of water treatment, distribution, plumbing and residential water filtration products gain access to global markets.

We simplify the process of meeting strict regulatory requirements across multiple countries or regions in your market. Our experts can help you navigate this complex process by bundling testing and certification services.

  • NSF and Carso are premier, respected marks in the global water testing and certification industry. This combined expertise provides many benefits for clients, including expedited approval time and deep knowledge of the regulations.
    Christelle Autugelle
    Materials Test Department Manager, Group Carso
  • NSF’s knowledge of International regulations and global regulatory requirements is exceptional. I have worked with NSF for over eight years and found their knowledge and insight to be valuable and integral to our business strategy.
    Ginger Patera
    Senior Global Product Development Manager, Whirlpool

How NSF Can Help You

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