Water Systems Certification

Test your water products from source to tap to sewer and get them compliant with the most stringent national and international standards through NSF’s laboratories worldwide.

NSF is at the forefront of establishing standards for water products, gathering joint committees of experts, authorities, manufacturers and users. As such, NSF is a leader in the certification of water product quality and safety. Discover how we ensure compliance with the most stringent standards for performance, efficiency, and sustainability leveraging NSF's local expertise for expedited and cost-effective processes.

Explore Our Solution Areas

Municipal Water Systems and Products
Have your municipal water products and systems thoroughly tested and certified. This includes everything from water storage tanks and reservoirs to water meters and individual components.
Plumbing Products
Verify the compliance of your plumbing products with the necessary standards and plumbing codes.
Materials and Ingredients
Verify the compliance of materials and ingredients with both North American and international standards.
Water Filtration
Test and certify water filtration and treatment systems, tailored for municipal, residential, or commercial use.
Treatment Chemicals and Media
Ensure global regulatory compliance by obtaining certification for your water treatment chemicals and media. The safety of drinking water is inherently linked to the quality of chemical aids and filtration media employed in its treatment.
Onsite Wastewater and Water Reuse Systems
Ensure that your on-site wastewater treatment or water reuse units meet all regulatory requirements.
Pool and Spa Products
Test and certify your pool and spa equipment and water treatment chemicals to guarantee their adherence to national health, building, and construction codes.
Water Management and Safety
Create a management plan to enhance both the safety and efficiency of your water networks.
Water and Wastewater Standards
NSF's consensus standards cover an extensive range of products for the water and wastewater industries to help ensure the quality and safety of these products in the marketplace.

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