Field Labelling

Use our field labelling service to give local regulators unbiased information about non-certified food equipment.

Ensure an informed decision is made about purchased food equipment whose compliance may be in question by local regulatory authorities. Get an independent evaluation from NSF. State and local health departments trust our expertise and reports, so they trust an NSF field label in determining if they’ll accept the equipment and allow an operator to resume their business.

Our field labelling service includes:

  • A physical evaluation of the product to applicable NSF/ANSI sanitation standards by NSF technical experts
  • A detailed report of the findings
  • An NSF Field Evaluated label placed on the product

While field labelling doesn’t replace certification, it can be a timely solution when the health department or other authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) doesn’t know enough about the equipment to accept it without a sanitation certification.

For an operator, an NSF field label can be useful if:

  • Specialty equipment isn’t available as a certified product
  • Prototype equipment is being tested
  • The equipment manufacturer overlooked or was unaware of applicable certification standards

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