FSMA Readiness

Ensure your business and facility comply with the U.S. FDA’s requirements for the Food Safety Modernisation Act (FSMA).

Let NSF’s readiness services help you identify opportunities to improve adherence to the FSMA requirements. Our readiness services include:

  • Gap analysis: Our experts can identify potential issues your business may face with compliance and offer timely ways to resolve them.
  • Documentation alignment: Get on-site or remote guidance in preparing the required documentation, including monitoring forms, facilities registration documentation and documentation templates aligned to FSMA.
  • Preventive controls: NSF can help you put in place FSMA risk-based preventive controls for food defence, as well as process, supply chain, sanitation and allergen controls.
  • Supplier approval: We can take care of the collection, detailed review and conservation of all the supplier documentation required by FSMA.
  • Access to documentation: In the event of a product recall or product contamination outbreak, you will be able to access and manage all documentation through NSF's servers.

Quality and Compliance Software

If you’re looking for a solution to confidently manage complex and critical data - including supplier compliance, regulatory requirements, and environmental reporting - take a look at NSF’s TraQtion cloud-based software.
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