Honey Traceability and Authenticity Certification

Show shoppers that your honey has been independently verified for origin and tested for authenticity.
True Source Honey

True Source Honey certification confirms that honey was sourced in a transparent manner and tested for authenticity. When consumers buy honey or honey-containing products bearing the True Source Certified logo, they can trust that these products contain authentic and fully traceable honey.

True Source Honey certification helps honey producers, packers, importers and brokers voluntarily demonstrate their commitment to responsible honey sourcing and authenticity testing.

Made With True Source Honey Certification

Made with True Source Honey Certification supports food, personal care and over-the-counter drug manufacturers and retailers using honey as a product ingredient. This certification logo assures consumers that honey used in your product was traced and tested to independently verify its origin and authenticity.

Honey Sampling

NSF provides third-party honey sampling and analysis services for importers, brokers and buyers to ensure honey integrity. We use approved sampling protocols such as verifying the location, identity and size of the lot and follow established procedures to ensure each sample’s integrity.

Three Reasons to Choose True Source Honey Certification From NSF

  • Gain access to new markets by independently verifying the geographic origin and authenticity of your honey
  • Leverage True Source Honey certification to win customers, who can use the Made with True Source Honey logo on product packaging and in advertising
  • Help educate consumers and strengthen demand for honey that has been sourced with transparency and tested for authenticity.

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