Bottled Water and Packaged Ice Certification

Demonstrate best-in-class safety and quality with the assurance of the well-recognised NSF mark.

Our bottled water and packaged ice quality certification services align with globally accepted requirements and best practices to provide manufacturers, retailers, distributors and suppliers with industry-leading auditing and testing services. Ours is the only accredited product certification programme for bottled water and beverages (ANSI-Accredited Product Certification Body - Accreditation #0216).

NSF certification mark

The NSF certification mark demonstrates to consumers that product complies with regulatory quality standards and that the bottler meets or exceeds these requirements and industry best practices for bottled water production. Beyond reassuring shoppers of your commitment to safety and quality, evaluation by a third-party certifier like NSF ensures you meet retailer and regulator expectations for proof of independent plant audits.

Five Reasons to Choose NSF Certification

Known around the world as a symbol of safety and quality, the NSF mark lends credibility and recognition to your products and brings unique marketing benefits:

  • Provides consumers with the assurance of the recognised and trusted NSF mark
  • Allows use of the NSF mark on the product label, in marketing materials, on websites and in the media
  • Assures retailers that your product meets all regulatory requirements and conforms to best practices
  • Demonstrates to government agencies that testing and plant inspections have been done to ensure compliance with regulations
  • Confirms to manufacturers that they have carried out requisite due diligence to ensure the safety of their product

Analysis and Testing

NSF is the only accredited product certification programme that offers analysis for bottled water, including microbiological, chemical and radiological analyses in accordance with national and international regulations, such as FDA, EPA, EU, ANVISA, BIS and China Natural Mineral Water. For packaged ice, we offer testing according to NSF’s packaged ice certification guidelines.

GMP Registration

NSF’s bottled water and packaged ice Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) registration is an independent programme to evaluate the consistent implementation of quality standards in the manufacturing process.

GMP Registered Facility - Bottled Water Mark
GMP Registered Facility - Packaged Ice Mark

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