Developing Food Product for Commercial Shelf Life

Work with experienced food technologists to develop high quality food and beverage products that meet quality and food safety standards.

Count on NSF’s product and process innovation team to provide solutions that meet your technical food and beverage challenges. Make us your single point of contact for help in developing products that meet your business needs, as well as the requirements for commercial shelf life and food safety.

Our extensive food technology capabilities enable us to address your product challenges, whether related to the consumer experience, technical issues or scientific challenges. We can help you:

Develop New and Improved Recipes

Work with our food technologists to develop new products or improve existing ones. We can help you identify the right ingredients and develop recipes that bring your product concept to life.

Conduct Scale-Up Trials

NSF can assist with feasibility testing, evaluating new product concepts and generating marketing samples, using a wide range of equipment and processes. We can help with scale-up of your new product concept by bridging the gap between lab scale and production scale using our pilot plant equipment, or we can attend plant trials at co-manufacturing facilities to help ensure a smooth transition from product concept to commercialisation.

Determine Shelf Life

Using controlled environments, NSF can design customised shelf-life studies that comply with food safety and quality standards. We can help determine the shelf life of new products or confirm the effects of shelf-life extension strategies on existing products.

Validate Cooking Instructions and Perform Challenge Studies

NSF’s process validation and challenge study services can help you validate your cooking instructions and preventative controls for your food product. We design and perform customised validation testing for your product and manufacturing processes.

Test Your Packaging

NSF conducts package testing to a wide range of specifications that meet your needs. We follow up-to-date industry testing guidelines and ASTM standards.

Quality and Compliance Software

If you’re looking for a solution to confidently manage complex and critical data - including supplier compliance, regulatory requirements, and environmental reporting - take a look at NSF’s TraQtion cloud-based software.
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