Red Tractor Standards

For farmers of arable crops, produce, livestock or a combination thereof, Red Tractor certification delivers key benefits.
  • Market access: It enables you to sell your products in U.K. markets. Red Tractor-certified farms constitute the largest farm assurance membership in the U.K.
  • Fewer inspections: The government recognises the rigour of Red Tractor standards and extends this consideration to members, who receive fewer inspections as a result.
  • Consumer trust and demand: Red Tractor has a higher level of trust than any other U.K. food assurance scheme. Seventy-six percent of consumers are aware of Red Tractor, and 72% trust it to deliver safe, traceable food that has been farmed with care.
  • Reputation protection: In the wake of damaging food scares, Red Tractor was founded to rebuild public trust in British farm products. Red Tractor certification protects your reputation and that of the entire industry.
  • Supply chain assurance: Red Tractor’s thorough standards apply to every stage of the supply chain. This provides farm produce assurance at every stage of its journey to consumers.

The release of Version 5 demonstrates Red Tractor’s continuing commitment to these benefits. To get the latest revisions and practical information on how to prepare for Red Tractor audits and learn about its standards, this NSF page is the place to start.

NSF Knows Red Tractor Standards Inside and Out

NSF has provided assurance and certification services to farmers globally for over 30 years. We are one of the largest inspection and certification bodies for Red Tractor in the U.K., conducting over 30,000 audits per year across many sectors. We understand what it means to be “Red Tractor assured.”

Why do so many farmers choose to work with NSF?

  • We speak your language: A good part of our staff comes from a farming background or still farms today.
  • Customer service: Working with NSF means you have a team of experts to prepare you for every step of the audit — from planning to delivery. If you have queries, you can count on our telephone team and qualified technical staff for help. That’s why crop, fruit and vegetable, beef and lamb, pig, and poultry farmers return to NSF year after year.

The Revised Red Tractor Standards

The revised Red Tractor farm standards took effect November 1, 2021. Most revisions are a result of legislative changes, keeping up with best practices, and maximising market access for minimum audit burden. Red Tractor consulted on the changes to its standards, and responses were fed into the technical advisory committees and to sector boards for consensus before agreement by the main board of Red Tractor.

Update Notice

We update this page regularly. Here you can always find the latest news about Red Tractor standards and audits — including recent revisions and practical information on how to prepare for your audits.

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