BRCGS Food Safety Standard Issue 9 Is Coming — What Is New?

BRCGS Food Safety Standard was first published in 1998. After 24 years, the new Issue 9 is expected to be launched in August 2022.

BRCGS has announced that the new Issue 9 of its Food Safety Standard will be launched on August 1 after an extensive process that started in May of last year and incorporates the most up-to-date trends and industry needs.

After the publication in August, 30,000 sites currently certified around the world will have a transition period of six months to prepare their food safety systems to be audited against the new version’s requirements.

According to BRCGS, its standard is used in 130 countries and accepted by 70% of the top 10 global retailers, 60% of the top 10 quick-service restaurants and 50% of the top 25 manufacturers.

Emily Varnon, BRCGS Technical Scheme Lead at NSF, commented on the main changes in Issue 9: “Updates are expected in clauses related to HACCP and food safety plans, food defense and food culture, and how sites are managed with regard to factory layout, flow of processes, and use of the space by employees to prevent the risk of product contamination and to maintain compliance with relevant legislation, among others.”

An organization that achieves a BRCGS Global Food Safety certification is confirming its commitment and competence in providing safe, quality food for its consumers and stakeholders, with an up-to-date standard that tackle key areas in food safety, expectations, regulatory requirements and consumer needs.

NSF’s Key Steps to Getting Certified to BRCGS Food Safety Standard

  • Step 1: Learn about the standard. You can download the standard and the interpretation guidelines from BRCGS website.
  • Step 2: Contact the NSF team for an informative session about the standard and your options for certification and training. Our team can guide you on next steps and receiving a quote.
  • Step 3: Book a training course with NSF to learn about the new requirements and their scope, the audit process, and more (optional).
  • Step 4: You can book an optional pre-assessment (gap analysis) with NSF.
  • Step 5: Secure your dates and close the deal! Select NSF as your audit certification body. We are a five-star-rated BRCGS certification body ready to work with you globally.

NSF works within the food supply chain to support our customers on their journeys to food safety. Our global network of experts have worked throughout the supply chain and with the most recognized retailers.

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