EyeSucceed Named a Glass Partner for Food Industry Applications of Wearable Technology

EyeSucceed brings together the power of assisted reality (AR) and wearable technology to transform how the food industry addresses real-world challenges like high labor costs, employee training and consistent execution

ANN ARBOR, Mich., USA — EyeSucceed, a food industry technology company, was recognized as a Glass Partner for food industry applications of Glass yesterday. “Through its work with NSF, EyeSucceed has expanded the application of Glass technology, addressing food safety and quality issues around the globe,” said Jay Kothari, Project Lead, Glass.

Working directly with the Glass team and foodservice operations on the Google campus, EyeSucceed has been piloting food industry applications of Glass, including remote food safety and quality audits, since February 2015.

“While we started developing these applications to support remote food safety and quality audits, we quickly realized that assisted reality and wearable technology solutions could address many other business challenges in the food industry,” said Tom Chestnut, Co-Founder of EyeSucceed and a 30-year food industry veteran. “Assisted reality and wearables will be disruptive technologies in the food industry, specifically in the realms of employee training, food safety and consistent execution at the operational level.”

From rising labor costs to continual employee turnover and inconsistent execution, restaurant and retail owners face enormous day-to-day business challenges. EyeSucceed utilizing AR and wearable technology delivers innovative, patent-pending solutions like smart training and AR-assisted execution of tasks.

According to Jennifer Tong, Co-Founder of EyeSucceed and formerly of the National Restaurant Association, “The two primary gains of smart training and learning with wearable technology are the ability to train employees directly and unassisted at the workstation – even as the workstation moves as tasks change – and to do it in a simple, hands-free manner. Essentially, wearable devices like Glass are the trainers of the future, eliminating the high labor costs associated with peer-to-peer training, bringing greater efficiency and consistency to the workplace.”

EyeSucceed’s smart execution functionality monitors employee actions in real time as they follow step-by-step requirements needed to complete job tasks. If an employee deviates from the correct process, EyeSucceed notifies them through the wearable device and immediately displays the corrective action to be taken. Employee actions – including time between steps, deviation from correct procedures and corrective actions – are uploaded into the cloud. From there, data analytics can lead to process improvements. After two years of research and development, field trials for the EyeSucceed training applications and the initial mapping of data into the Google Cloud platform will commence in Q4 2017.

EyeSucceed is currently testing additional food industry applications with NSF clients in the United States, Asia and Latin America, where the ability to livestream from around the globe is allowing the industry to view first production runs, conduct supplier quality calibration and assist field operations by providing expertise from remote locations.

“Assisted reality and wearable technology is evolving at a rapid pace and will soon forever change how the food industry does business,” Chestnut said. “We are thrilled to be a Glass Partner to continue to evolve applications across the food industry.”

For more information about the EyeSucceed wearable technology solutions for the food industry, visit www.eyesucceed.com or email info@eyesucceed.com.

Editor’s Note: To schedule an interview or receive additional information about EyeSucceed, please contact Thomas Frey, APR, at media@nsf.org or +1 734.214.6242.

EyeSucceed (eyesucceed.com) is an NSF company bringing wearable technology and AR solutions to the food industry. By combining augmented reality with wearable technology, EyeSucceed addresses real-world challenges including high labor costs, training, consistent execution and food safety. Founded in 2015, EyeSucceed is a Glass Partner.

NSF (nsf.org) is a global public health organization that conducts over 150,000 food safety audits each year on farms, food processing facilities and distribution networks in 170 countries. NSF also provides consulting, training and technical support across the food industry. Founded in 1944, NSF is committed to protecting human health and safety worldwide, and is a Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center on Food Safety, Water Quality and Indoor Environment.

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